An apology for past statements, and actions.

For anyone coming from the twitter post that has exposed me; I am sorry. I said some geniunely awful, bigoted things, about racism and psychotic people. In shortest form possible, I said racist, and ableist things. These have all been listed by @c0dyph0bia, at the post linked below.

I assume any of you that are currently reading this, have come directly from that post, or got told by someone who saw that post. This apology probably has come VERY late, and most will definitely not forgive me at this point. I originally didn't apologize, for one reason. This is NOT an excuse. I am EXPLAINING what I was thinking at the time, and I will be giving explanation as to why my reasons were wrong. I had assumed that it wouldn't have made things ANY better, and in fact, could have simply worsened things. But I realize now, that even if it didn't make things better, It would have made me seem alot more geniune in my regret for the awful things I said. I do feel ALOT of regret for the things I said, sure. But that wouldn't matter, if it didn't appear that way.

Now, to address the actual content of the things I said.

1: Racism


The first thing listed on the @c0dyph0bia post, in a short summary, says that basically, "If it were white people being hated, instead of a marginalized race being hated, people would be immediately cancelling them, which is a double standard." THIS IS COMPLETELY FALSE, AND I WAS GENIUNELY STUPID TO THINK THIS. This is NOT a double standard. I was under the false, racist impression that supposed "oppression" towards a HISTORICALLY NON-OPPRESSED group of people that were, and are OPPRESSORS, was equatable to the geniune oppression of historically marginalized, oppressed groups of people. I am not under this false impression anymore.


The second thing listed, in a short summary, says: "hating white people and saying you're against racism is hypocrisy!" Again, this is WRONG, and a blatantly racist viewpoint. White people historically, have always been the oppressors of those whom are POC. Hating the oppressors is an immutably valid, and normal reaction to CENTURIES of discrimination and oppression, that white people have imposed on those whom are POC. Hating white people is wholly uncomparable, to the hate of POC that has been shown in centuries of history, and still is shown today.

2: Ableism

The screenshot shown on the aforementioned twitter post by @c0dyph0bia, read, in summary; "IRLs are invalid, and they need to get treatment for their psychosis, because all delusions are bad, and I am not going to support them." This is a blatantly ableist take, of which I do not agree with AT ALL now.

For one, IRLs are valid. If someone believes they are a certain character, that is fine, no matter the reason.

Second, I had absolutely NO place to speak on psychosis. I am not psychotic, and I was never psychotic. For me to even ATTEMPT to speak for a group that I was DEFINITIVELY not in, was a horrible, horrible idea, which I regret deeply.

Third, My intentions were misplaced entirely. I had not wanted to support IRLs out of concern that their delusions could get worse, and they could go on a non-stop downwards spiral. While this is something that COULD happen, I did

Overall, I have said and done some VERY horrible things, and I am very, very sorry for all of it. I sincerely, and geniunely hope you accept my apology. If you don't, you have every right to feel that way.

- AireiXeon

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